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Choosing a Yoga Trapeze Stand and 5 Best Ways to Use it

Yoga trapeze stands are the perfect way to get into aerial yoga swings without having to find a tree or rigging your yoga swing at the ceiling. They come in many different forms and there’s one for every type of yogi.

This article will explore the 5 best ways you can practice aerial yoga trapezes with stands outside, inside, on vacation – anywhere!

What is a yoga trapeze stand?

A yoga trapeze stand is a stand that holds yoga swings, yoga rings, and yoga trapezes in place. Yoga swings are in the shape of an upside-down trapeze, yoga rings are large loops to hold your hand or foot in.

An aerial yoga trapeze is like a swing but can also be used for many different exercises like yoga poses (and the person on the yoga trapeze will use their body weight to exercise). They are usually fabricated with excellent, sturdy magnesium alloy and aluminum or stainless steel.

If you live in an apartment, yoga swing stands are a great option to use your swing in your home because it doesn’t require any permanent installation.

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Indoor and outdoor use

Carrying yoga trapeze outdoor is easy because it comes with a carrying bag and the best part about traveling with it is that it needs no additional equipment or tools to assemble when setting up at your destination.

Aerial yoga stands are also much safer than trees because the yoga trapeze itself surrounds you when in use, eliminating the risk of falling out–and you never really know the solidity of a tree branch, it provides safe and sturdy support for your swing.

Is it affordable?

What’s marketed as a trapeze yoga stand will cost you a couple of hundred of your own. This is normally due to the materials used because strong metals are not inexpensive to build. But there’s a way around it if your priority is affordability.

Is aerial yoga dangerous?

Air yoga is nothing like extreme sport but in varying degrees, a novice will find it overwhelming. Since aerial yoga is usually taught by a trained teacher it is often considered safe. Many beginner slats and hammocks are only set just inches from the flooring therefore the chances of injury are slim.

If you plan on using your yoga mat indoors, we suggest attending classes beforehand or watching online tutorials to ensure maximum safety.

How do I set up a yoga trapeze stand?

The process for different stands is fairly similar so it doesn’t affect anything at all. Each stand provides its own setup instructions. The procedure is very easy. Much easier than rigging your yoga swing at the ceiling. If you ever assembled a camping tent with telescopic poles or IKEA furniture… you sure can handle it!

Woman in an Aerial Yoga Stand

How to choose your yoga swing stand

What You Need To Know Before Buying One Of These Stands? There are many different options available, but not all of them are good quality. Before you buy one I recommend that you ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you chosen the emplacement of your trapeze stand?
  • How much space do you have?
  • Is it adjustable in height, will it fit inside your house?
  • Is the trapeze stand you want is easy to move around?
  • Does it come with a travel bag?
  • Is it easy to assemble and disassemble?
  • What is the warranty offered for the product you are going to buy and will it be easy to make a claim if something breaks?
  • What type of yoga swing works best with this stand?

These interrogations may seem like a lot, but I am sure you will find the yoga trapeze stand of your dreams by asking yourself these questions.

Pros and cons Of Yoga Trapeze Stand As with every piece of equipment or product there are also pros and cons if using yoga swing stands.

The following list includes some advantages:

  • If the yoga trapeze stand is assembled correctly, it will last for years without problems.
  • It can be used outside at the park or in your garden and indoors as well if you have the space to spare.
  • Some yoga swing stands are adjustable so that they fit inside your house perfectly. It also comes with a travel bag for easy transportation.
  • Some yoga trapeze stands are easy to assemble and disassemble when you want to take them with you for example on holiday or at a friend’s house.
  • The yoga trapeze stand can hold any type of yoga swing (for indoor yoga swings, outdoor yoga swings, and yoga rings).
  • Having your own yoga trapeze stand is also a great way to save money because yoga swings are not cheap.

And now the con’s of owning an aerial yoga stand:

  • They can be expensive, depending on what you choose and where you buy them from.
  • Some yoga trapeze stands are not made of good material and they break easily, so you have to be careful when choosing one from the start.
  • If your yoga trapeze stand comes with a travel bag it may take up quite a bit of space in your car or even on public transportation if you don’t have a car.
  • Some Yoga swing stands are quite heavy and it’s not always easy to move them around, especially if they’re adjustable yoga trapeze stand.

I never heard of yoga trapeze stand breaking, but it is possible which means that it is important your aerial yoga equipment come with a warranty.

For many person, having a stand to hang their yoga trapeze is the best option they have because it’s the only way to get outside or to hang their yoga trapeze indoor. So it will be a wise investment for a long time.

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Five ways to make the best use a your purchase

Versatility is what yoga swing stands are all about. Here are five ways you can make the most of your purchase:

Bring it outside!

You may have already seen yoga trapezes being used at your local park or beach, but they are also great for getting outside in nature without having someone to spot you.

Use it indoor where you can’t rig anything

If you have a yoga room in your house or apartment, then a yoga trapeze stand is perfect for getting the same workout without having to settle on using just one piece of equipment.

You can use it anywhere from ceiling height down to waist height depending on what feels best for you and how much space you have.

Bring it on vacation

Don’t give up your training so easily!

Stands are great for taking on your yoga vacation because they take up a lot less room than yoga swings and their lighter weight makes them easier to transport. You can use it in the park, at the beach or even at a friends house where there is no ceiling height available.

At a friends house!

Have your friends try yoga trapeze. Make it a party! If they have a yoga room, this will be even better as it allows you to do the workout together.

Chances are the will love it and buy themselves a yoga swing, then you’ll have a training partner

Yoga trapeze stands can be used wherever there is enough room. It is also safer than using tree branches and much easier to set up than rigging your yoga swing from the ceiling.

At the park, of course!

If you live in an appartment, hanging a yoga trapeze swing at permanently at the ceiling may not be an option, but yoga trapeze stands are. And not everybody has enough space inside nor in the garden to install it. Solution: You can use them at the park or even in your backyard if you have enough room for it.

Practicing outside while breathing fresh air is really great! May it be at the park, the beach, at the campground.

Everywhere is your yoga playground and anytime is yoga time!


Best Stands on the Market

OmniGym Stand

It is important to find the best yoga swing stand that will suit your needs. The Omni Stand has several features, including the following: patented design, use indoors (7’11” option for ceilings), 360-degree spin, colors (available in galvanized silver only), easy setup, and durability.

The main thing to consider when choosing a yoga swing stand is what you need it for. For example, if you want an indoor yoga swing stand with a ceiling height limit of 8′, choose the 7’11” option as it fits in almost any apartment or home.
Available through their website



The Portable Aerial Rig from Uplift Active

The Portable Aerial Rig from Uplift Active

For its sturdiness, its adjustability and its portability

A-frame style, made of stainless steel and magnesium alloy; it’s strong, sturdy yet light enough to travel. Completely height adjustable from 5ft up to 11 ft 3 inches – meaning you can use indoors where space might be tight or expand maximum heights outdoors when using on an amplified stage!

It may not be the cheapest but definitely its a great investment that will last long!

Of course if you’re tight on the budget other stands are available online. But this one is my own personal recommendation.

The Uplift Active Stand provides professional support and safety in minutes. It has up to three levels so anyone could do it within a few minutes. Easy 10-minute setup is quick and involves no physical strength or technical knowledge.
The stand is available directly through their online shop.



Yogabody yoga trapeze stand

yogabody yoga swing stand

This stand is an integrated aerial tool for performing multiple tasks. You can also use Lyra hoop static trapeze or low-hanging silks. It is perfect for practicing aerial yoga and is durable and of high quality. Can serve to perform aerial yoga in many different ways. Can also be used in Lyra Hops, Static Trapezes, or Static Trapezes, for static traps or silks, or for high hanging silks in silks or.

The Yogabody yoga trapeze stand is also used indoors as well as indoors. This stand can quickly accommodate weights up to 600 pounds and has an outstanding balance and stability. It may also be used for installing additional attachments such as swings, hammocks, and Olympic rings either as a lifted bar or for mounting heavy sandbags.

Stand heights don’t adjust. They come with all requisite tools and screws, and the installation and. Installation does not require professional skills. The stand weighs in at 271 kg (26.7 pounds).
You can buy this stand on Amazon.



KT Indoor/Outdoor Yoga Trapeze Stand

KT trapeze stand


It is innovative, unique, and versatile equipment for home use. It is very easy to establish and use immediately and incredibly versatile. You can use them in nearly any outdoor or indoor area because the handy height-adjusted top bar is even suitable for houses with quite lower ceilings.

This is a multi-discipline yoga trapeze stand that can be used for Lyra hoop static trapeze or low-hanging silks. If you are looking for a good price for an Aerial frame and you don’t know any brands then this is the stand for you!

The yoga stand has a steel construction that reduces friction and wobbling. It can fold in a long rectangular bracket for easy assembly. The bag includes 5 years warranty giving you peace of mind when shopping for a brand new bag. A robust stand can support 420 pounds and will fit in a snug apartment.
You can also buy this stand on Amazon.



Happybuy Inversion Yoga Sling Stand

Happybuy Inversion Yoga Sling Stand

The Happybuy Inversion Yoga sling weighs just 68 pounds and measures 2.02 M / 106 G x 1.88 M / 74 E X 2.93 M / 115 H. The unique feature of this platform is the way those holes on the bottom of the frame rotate and do not slip around any of the corners. The stand has triple security features providing maximum safety to users such as a sturdy steel frame, safety belts, and an anti-skid base.
This stand is available to purchase on Amazon.

Final thoughts…

Aerial yoga stands are a great way to get the most out of your yoga trapeze. Whether you want to use it outside or indoors, at home or on vacation (or even in someone else’s house!), there is always room for yoga swing fun.

If you’re tight on budget but still want all the benefits of having one there are options, but if cost isn’t such a big concern we recommend investing in an adjustable stand like The Portable Aerial Rig from Uplift Active; this versatile product will last long and can be used anywhere.

You’ll never regret giving up some space inside (or outside!) for something that makes life so much more fun–and healthy!

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