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9 Reasons Why Yoga in a Hammock is Awesome for Your Core

We all want to have a strong and fit core. When we think of a ...
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Shoulder Stand: 6 Benefits of this yoga inversion + How To Do

According to the Sanskrit word Sarvangasana, this term means “the pose which gives all aspects” ...
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10 Yoga Swing Poses You Can Learn Today

Many people are looking for a way to stay healthy and fit without having to ...
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Yoga: A Solution For Your Back and Neck Pain

Begin by considering your own back and neck. If you suffer from lower back pain, ...
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New York’s #1 Aerial Yoga Classes

Do you want to learn Aerial Yoga in New York City? If so, then this ...
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Gear Guide: The Yoga Hammock

The yoga hammock is the latest innovation in yoga gear that will revolutionize your practice. ...
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Top 9 Best Yoga Swing for The Money 2022

Looking for the best yoga swing on the market? Then look no further! We have ...
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Choosing a Yoga Trapeze Stand and 5 Best Ways to Use it

Yoga trapeze stands are the perfect way to get into aerial yoga swings without having ...
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